Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me.

26, It would be time for a midlife crisis but I already drive a sports car and sit on a pimping pink chair. I already go to the gym 3 times a week, and I have spending money (or probably will once tax season is over..)

What is there left to look forward to?… Well for one, getting out of Quebec. Samir is righta bout one thing – a working man only learns to take it in the ass while here. Imagine, my American friend told me she was desperate to save money for this year’s taxes. When I asked how much she owed, she answered 1 -2 thousand dollars. I easily need to save almost 10 times as much. We both worked the same time. Why the difference?.. Oh yeah, Quebec is a very “Distinct’ society with “Distinct” roads and “Distinct” taxes. I didn’t really care about taxes so much – until I realized the difference.

People say that we pay extra because of University Tuition and the medical system. OK, I won’t deny that. I will pay extra for that. However, how much extra do we pay to support “Quebec Incorporated”? How much do we pay to support putting a francophone Quebecer at work fixing our roads (poorly), when we could have imported European roadbuilding technology and Ontario workers? They might cost more, but I wouldn’t see the road cracking up less than one year after it was fixed, would I?

However, at the same time, why should I bother staying here now? On a purely selfish level, other than free rent, there is no reason. No one speaks English (or even Japanese for that matter). As a result, I can’t join clubs or other organizations. Why should it be an uncomfortable voyage into “tolerance” every time I post on a french BBS? Is “Tolerance” enough?

My University tuition is already paid for (and my dad paid those higher taxes to allow it). There is just no reason for me to stay here.

God only knows where I will be one year from here.