Tokyoites: Flood

Another day lost! Money rapidly running out. Only weeks left. So much alone! So need money! So need job! So need visa! So much uncertainty!

Uncertainty to stress to anger. Japan sucks. Tokyo sucks. People around me too stingy to help! Racists! Bigots! We won the war! Too angry to eat. Too hungry to think. Try the big picture. Try “simple” fix.

Easy solution found! Very easy! One messy night with bar slut will fix problems one and two! I’m smart!

No! A flawed solution! Don’t want! I’m not ready. Bitter headaches! I hate you all! I hate my job! Stress is hate, an unending stream upon which i float to an inevitable destination. Re-clear my mind – avoid inevitable rampage and incarceration. Wait – simple solution found!

No No No! Not the loneliness again! Must grab hold! Something…anything… out there, on a sea of pain is my sweet succor! I am in her clutches, she will save me!

No! Anti-Christ! Pain! Withdraw! Quickly!

No! Alone!

Yes! Solution! Permanant!

I sleep in fire. Why????