Wealth (where I normally wouldn’t notice it)

Ford Mustang - it's big in Japan. I used to ride a Ford Mustang back in Canada. It took some of my friends by surprise because they knew I hated the ’93-’97 mustang look. Too many old people driving them back home, and the terrible external apperance (reminded me of a Cavalier more than anything else) made me hate the car with the passion. Fortunately, my ’02 had a much nicer exterior.

Regardless, I was a bit surprised when I ran into one in Japan. Maintaining an old car like that and paying for the car inspection is irritating and expensive. Moreover, it parked in this home garage smack-dab in the middle of Yoyogi Uehara, one of the more fashionable and upper class neighbourhoods in Japan. Maybe it was a rich ex-pat who just wanted a piece of home..?