Afterburner Climax!

Usmaan was kind enough to send me a link to the video of me playing Afterburner Climax at the Kawagoe arcade that we were in today.  Fun times.



Job listings, 2″ thick – for those who want to be prostitutes

I was out near Shinbashi station when I had this book put into my hands by one of those minimum wage slaves who was desperately trying to get rid of them. I thought it was a collection of Job ads.  Actually, when you think about it, it really was.  Unfortunately, it was mostly a collection of job ads related to “Mizu-shobai”.  Mizu shobai comprises all sorts of underworld jobs, from being a hostess to being a prostitute.  Not all of the jobs involve sex, but the vast majority do.  

The ads in question all promise that “You won’t be recognized”  (Kao bare ha zettai nai).  Oddly enough, the use of Obama’s “Yes we can” cracks me up.


Oddly Enough…

Yesterday was the first time I saw “Dance Dance Revolution” in a Japanese arcade. Turns out the game isn’t too fashionable in Japan anymore – probably because you end up sweaty and stinky by the end. On the bright side it is a great sleep aid – after playing for 20 minutes, I came home and fell asleep immediately.