Terrible AEON Commercial

Aeon commercial for their English school.
Aeon commercial for their English school.


This commercial must be the worst advertisement I’ve ever seen.

Look at the giant Japanese female with a completely fake smile.  Then the stodgy, nerdy “professor” type pretending to teach her while both are standing up.  She spends the entire time staring at his eyes instead of the book that he’s pointing at.  The complete lack of any sort of graphic design, or any connection between the images to the right and the text to the left – this is clearly the result of the son of an executive getting a contract.

The worst part is one you can’t see clearly; the bottom right picture has the nerd holding the book like the bible.  Coupled with his cheap suit, it could be an advertisement for a Christian ministry of some sort.  I suppose AEON is much like some more Korean Churches that I heard about; you pay a lot of money and any benefit you get is not in this world.


Stuff that should make you angry…

Wonda Canned Coffee Commercial


The gist of this commercial is that 36.8% of Japanese Salarymen have been forced to sleep on their feet on trains at some point in their life. In most countries, this would be some kind of political advertisement, making people demand an improvement in their life conditions – through higher-capacity trains perhaps, or more effective express bus service.  In Japan, it’s a coffee commercial.

(It is hard to criticize public transit, since it is always on time and the trains really can’t run much more than they already do.  During peak usage hours, however, it is inhumane to the elderly, most of whom are left teetering on their two feet while maji-yabai girls run to grab whatever seats they can get)