Thinking of getting rid of Ubuntu.

I’ve been using Ubuntu for the better part of 5 years now, from back in the 6.x days.  For the most part, it has been the best thing I’ve ever done as an IT engineer (including getting my bachelor’s degree).  I was able to experiment with a lot, learned a LOT about programming and servers, and moreover, the OS was ALWAYS fast and well-behaved.  Sadly, with the release of 11.10, that is no longer the case.  In my case, Ubuntu couldn’t decide which of my 4 HDs needs the boot sector installed onto it, even when I selected the proper drive.  After three install attempts, I removed the other 3 hard disks and installed Windows 7.  (No problems)

Call me crazy, but Windows 7 is impressing me.  Yes, command prompt is awful, but it can be overcome with Console & GitBash.  Instead of relying on the hacky “bluetile” window manager, I have useful tiling built right into the OS (window-left / window-right).  Yes, I miss workspaces – but if I really want them, VirtuaWin can provide it to me.

I do really miss package management.  I also really miss easy deployment of applications.  Finally, I really and truly feel conflicted about not having the faintest clue about what’s going on under the box.  Richard Stallman’s “The Right to Read” is still burned in the back of my mind somewhere; I can’t really trust an OS built by a company that has trotted out horrible DRM schemes over and over again. 

I probably will end up spending a few months in the wilderness, trying out different OSes in virtualbox.  I’ll probably end up with Debian, since I really do love the aptitude package management system.

Ponies in Akihabara

After the radon scare, a sudden (unfounded) belief that my Android app’s video features were fubared, dreams of earthquakes, and a meeting with my future parents-in-law on Saturday, it’s nice to know life can have simple joys too.


The equivalent of Comic Sans in Japanese

This is a font Koreans ALWAYS use when they try to show something “Fun and Hip” in Japan.

The Japanese writing used in this bottle is a classic Korean design decision; it is playful to a foreign eye, but it is quite disconcerting to Japanese designers who I showed it to. It seems to arouse the same feelings as Comic Sans does in English.

That entire bottle design is terrible, but I plan on talking about that in more detail when I have a better picture :/

-edit- Got rid of the link to a blog with an image that got pissy about hotlinking. No google juice for you, good sir.

Old Laptop

This laptop had Windows Vista, a shitty harddisk and a lot of headaches but I learned a lot about Linux on it. I want to replace it’s hd with a SSD but it is too difficult to do without pro help 🙁