The iPad as a High-Latency Second Monitor with Air Display

At work, I’ve been experimenting with standing while coding. ?I do find it far more effective than the alternative, and as an added side-bonus, I don’t feel crippling exhaustion when I get home. ?Unfortunately, the effect of the loss of a second monitor is quite pronounced. ?Whereas I could previously keep information split between two monitors with ease, I am forced to resort to Expose or the Gnome equivalent. ?Not good.

My use of two displays is generally as follows.

Display #1 – Actual work being done.

Display #2 – Information about models / classes / etc… that I don’t get automatically from my text editor (Sublime Text 2)

The iPad through Air Display sucks for #1; the lag is real and irritating. ?For #2, however, it shines. ?I have it open to the appropriate page right now, and it probably helped me shave about 15-30 minutes of research off my daily routine.

Considering how rarely I want to change the content on screen #2, I wonder if using an e-ink screen could be plausible in the near future…