Japanese Startups

I happened to run into the conversation about Japanese startups on Hacker News and on the BBC. A few stream of thought notes.

  • While it is great to see South Korea has come a long way, it has hardly “overtaken” Japan. If anything, the work environment is /worse/, especially when it comes to supervisors, work environment, family environment, etc…
  • I didn’t have to deal with hyper-critical fellow employees, but maybe it is a people skills problem.  We all know brilliant people who have difficulty expressing themselves appropriately..
  • Not very convinced by the foreigner opinion.
  • I dislike Sony for many reasons. However, they seem to be much better than Toshiba and the other mobile providers. The new Experia Z seems pretty cool.
  • Why is it that Japanese people featured in these kinds of articles seem to couch their criticism in broad language (in English), yet the same sorts of people give very nuanced and detailed critiques in Japanese? I am not accusing them of being two-faced, but I wonder if there are culturo-linguistic barriers? I do notice there are things I freely say in Japanese that I would never say in English and vice-versa, maybe the lack of an emotional resonance? (I do think some English-language criticisms of Japan are hampered by broad generalizations)
  • The lack of trust of younger Japanese is really poisonous and I have felt it before. This bullshit about the “Yutori Sedai” makes for good jokes, but it seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy.